Exclusive interview with Lynn Yeager – American Vogue editor | Shopping Center Klif – Gdynia

Exclusive interview with Lynn Yeager – American Vogue editor



“I believe that the upcoming season will be wildly eclectic” – with this words Lynn Yeager, journalist and fashion editor of Vogue and Vogue.com who came to celebrate the 18th birthday of the Klif Fashion House in Warsaw on April 20, starts conversation about the biggest trends for AW 2017/2018. In her words there is no exaggeration. This year’s collections of the largest fashion houses stand up on variety and freedom of choice. The fashion guru offer us a quick overview of the biggest hits of this year’s catwalks. What promote world fashion houses? Next to suits that embody strength and authority there are futuristic accessories like from space age, which are ready to send us to another planet. This season is also a triumph of color. This time in the form of lush red dresses. The warm addition to them will be fluffy, pastel fur – both natural and artificial. And for for those seeking flights of fancy, the runways were filled with feathers, patchwork and boho prints. Not enough? Fringes rule this season too!


Red: Lynn, you’re known for your pointed fashionable comments and unmistakable humor. You know everything about fashion. Tell me if you have your own fashion definition? Or maybe it cannot be put in a rigid frame?

Thank you for thinking I am funny! I do have a very strong point of view worked out over the years in the industry . And I do have my own personal definition of fashion which is to choose those things which suit you and only you. You cannot blindly follow any trend. I believe that fashion choices should “speak” loudly to you. My advice – leave your friends home and go shopping alone! Follow your intuition. Out of the whole collection in a given store wait for the things that really have emotional resonance for you—believe me, you will know them when you see them.

Red: Who dictates the fashion trends of the present day? Is it the strength of the big chain brands, or maybe still great haute couture creators?

I think fashion today has many “parents”—haute couture along with the most imaginative street styles, plus the friendly reinterpretations offered by chain stores. What is more, the personal styles of the most forward-thinking actors, actresses, and musicians play significant role in what defines modern fashion. They create their own trends which are followed by thousands of imitators.


Red: And what role have fashion magazines nowadays? You work in the most opinion-forming title – Vogue.

I think that Vogue and other very beautiful fashion magazines help to crystalize the dream of fashion—the power of beauty and of fantasy. A stroll through the pages is like a little vacation to a wonderful place! They delight, inspire, stimulate imagination and desire


Red: You had a chance to look at the Polish woman’s style. Are they very different from the residents of Paris or London?

Well first, you have many more beautiful blondes than London and Paris! I think the style that I got to see in my too-short visit were really microcosms of cosmopolitan style around the globe. Polish women interpret trends really well and on their own way. Yet, you still remain quite preservative and “fashion correct” on a daily basis. The street of Warsaw vary from the style of people you meet in the streets of London. That style is weirder than anything I saw in Warsaw! It creates aware distinction of the style of european capitals and that is what fashion is about.




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