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Tricity felt the difference



The program “Feel the Difference” came to an end!

Of all those who participated in the selection we will chose those who will win the main prize – a training trip with Ewa Chodakowska!

But this is not the only prize! You can also win a metamorphosis with Ewelina Rydzyńska and a gift card for a sum of 1500zł for shopping with a stylist! In addition, you can win a workshop and gift card for the amount of 1000zł for shopping with a make-up artist. For the greatest attention to the collected stamp 3000 3000 won! Each time we receive an email in order to provide a win. Details of allotments in the contest rules, on the website “Feel the Difference” – HERE. All the people who took part in the promotion are very thankful!

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