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Unforgettable holiday with Rainbow



As early as on June 17, take advantage of a rich tour offer by Rainbow travel agency. The company has been showing the true face of Europe and the world to travel enthusiasts for 27 years now. Why don’t you find out for yourself!

Rainbow travel agency provides its customers with a wide range of tours. Recreational and roundabout tours as well as 7+7 type which combine stay and sightseeing are only a few of the offered forms of leisure. All customers may choose between airplane flight, bus transfer and their own means of transportation. Tourists who enjoy active leisure will surely be interested in the offer of “roundabout tours”.

Klif Shopping Centre makes every effort to provide the citizen of Gdańsk with the best and most diversified selection of holiday tours. The Rainbow’s tour offer is intended as a response to the expectations of Clients, who have the opportunity to pursue their passions or enjoy an alternative way of spending their free time.

We invite all our customers to visit the new salon and learn about the offer!

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