Klif embraces eco-consciousness. New steam car wash at Galeria Klif

14.05.2019 Premieres

On 11 May 2019, a highly eco-friendly AUTOSPA car wash service opened on Level 1 of the shopping centre’s parking garage. It can accommodate up to five cars at a time for gentle-yet-effective dirt and grease removal treatments using high-pressure steam.

AUTOSPA services include steam-cleaning of the exterior and upholstery and ozone-disinfecting of the interior. Ozone disinfection removes not only bacteria and mould but also unpleasant odours, including cigarette smoke. Moreover, AUTOSPA associates promise that the engine detail service at the Klif facility is safe to use as the dry vapour does not damage the electrical wiring.

A regular car wash can use as much as 150 litres of water per car. The AUTOSPA at Galeria Klif only needs 3 litres of water to wash a single car. The steam car wash also does not use large quantities of detergents. This ensures clean cars at a much lower consumption of water, detergents and other waste.
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