New Collection from Lisa & Claudio Campione

14.05.2019 Premieres

Campione is an international lifestyle brand offering top quality fashion with touches of maritime style. The brand’s new proposal abounds in colours such as yellow, orange or green, which bring a breath of fresh spring air to the collection. The individuality and extraordinariness of the outfits are further highlighted by the perfectly designed and carefully produced details.

The LISA CAMPIONE collection has been prepared with an elegant, modern woman in mind, for whom fashion and comfort are equally important. Each collection represents a perfect blend of sporty style, femininity and chic, which makes it a perfect choice for everyday wear. The balance between fashion and comfort reflects the company’s vast experience in the female fashion sector and determination to meet the expectations of women.

The unique style of the CLAUDIO CAMPIONE collection is best described as sporty classic and innovative. The collection is addressed to men who value high-grade fashion, exclusive look and comfort. Every collection of the brand is a treasury of outstanding designs with precise finish and carefully selected palette of colours, to highlight the brand’s value.

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