New DUKA FALSTERBO collection

14.05.2019 Premieres

DUKA’s latest summer collection transports us to Sweden’s picturesque southern region of Falsterbo. It is one of the most beautiful parts of Europe. With its spectacular scenery, delicious food and breathtaking coastal sunsets, it is the essence of stunning natural beauty and tranquillity.

The new DUKA FALSTERBO collection is an invitation to take things slow and cherish every moment.

The collection has a unique marine feel. The theme is a graphic representation of fish in bold colours, such as indigo and red. They bring to mind light, delicious flavours of fresh fish and seafood and long, relaxed dinners under the stars.

Do not miss the unique design of the MUSSLA line porcelain plates and bowls, featuring uneven edges and abstract prints. It was inspired by seashells, which the designers used as the theme for the entire line. The collection is a perfect marriage of traditional motifs and modern, minimalist design. The new kitchenware will bring a summer atmosphere into your kitchen.

Stop by the Duka store on Level 1.