Patrizia Aryton. You are perfect when you are being yourself

24.05.2019 News

Start date: 22.05.2019

End date: 25.05.2019

May is the month when we celebrate our mothers on the Mother’s Day. It is also a special month for our brand. Patrizia Aryton is a multi-generational brand. It has been created by a family and has been run and co-created by several generations for the past 30 years. Our collections are designed by women and for women. Whatever we do – from the moment we accept the draft design until we select the buttons – we always think about the woman who will wear our product.

2019 is a year of jubilee for Patrizia Aryton – that is why we have decided to celebrate that time in a special way. We have invited a few special women – mothers and grandmothers, daughters and granddaughters – to take part in our photo shoot. We are happy to tell you more about them and show you the results of that collaboration. Look how unique they are! 🙂
We wanted to show you that clothes merely supplement female personality – they are only used to bring out your natural beauty and emphasise your unique self.
Come see our world!

The founder of Aryton brand and a visionary. Currently, she supports the design work and shares her years of experience with others.
She is passionate about high-quality fabrics. She says that she would not be able to settle for mediocrity in her creations. She often comes up with ideas that meet with resistance at first but turn out to be the winners over time. She loves spending her time at the seaside which she finds to be a great source of inspiration.
Demanding at work, she is devoted to her family at home. A dear Mom.

Creative Director at the company created by her parents. A happy employee who loves what she does and is passionate about it – so much so that she needs to set an alarm clock to know when to leave the office. A nappy changer for her baby son, she also drives her daughter to the swimming pool and takes an active part in other preschool pastimes as a hobby. She doesn’t take herself too personally – in fact, she doesn’t take herself seriously at all. As a result, even though she does not have the time for her own passions, she’s able to find humour in everyday situations and always finds a silver lining.

Happy with her life. She is positive about everything and she focuses on things that are good and full of joy. She is grateful for each day.

She enjoys her life as a student. She is inspired by the world and wants to experience it. She is passionate about roller-blading, bike picnics and Chinese calligraphy.