Seasonality campaign. Peak Season!

28.06.2019 Premieres

Start date: 01.07.2019

End date: 30.09.2019

On the 1st of July we start a new edition of the Seasonality campaign. Peak Season!
Throughout the holidays we will serve dishes based on fresh, seasonal products. We invite you to
light, vegetable soups, fruit tarts, pancakes with blueberries. Our menu will include green dishes full
of asparagus beans, courgettes and grilled fish with aromatic herbs and dishes with fresh
chanterelles. We will surprise you with new ideas for tomatoes and eggplants dishes, together with us
you will also welcome the plum season.
This will be the peak season in our restaurants. Don't miss it!

The campaign lasts from 1 th of July to 30 th of September.

Telephone: 508783848