Opening hours

Monday - Saturday: 9 am-9 pm Sunday: 10 am-8 pm

The history of this ice cream maker began a long time ago, before World War II in Poland’s eastern border areas. It was there that Grzegorz Grycan and his son Józef produced and sold their first ice creams. In 1946, the entire family was resettled to Wrocław and established the first postwar Grycan family ice cream shop. Initially, the ice cream was called Miś [Teddy Bear], later Zielona Budka [Green Hut], and, ultimately, in 2004, the company introduced the “Grycan” brand ice cream – a lifetime achievement that draws on the experience and recipes handed down over generations. It is a dessert fit for our times, created with respect for the tradition handed down from generation to generation.


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