ITAKA has been established in 1989 and since 2009 it has been the unchallenged leader of the tourism industry. The Company’s success is a consequence of its creative work as well as the gradual and well-thought-out development. ITAKA is also a winner of multiple prestigious awards for the high quality of the services it offers. It enjoys high reliability according to the ratings. ITAKA occupies the first place among travel agencies as the most valuable tourist brand in Poland, according to the ranking of the Most Valuable Polish Brands by Rzeczpospolita. ITAKA has the most extensive and diverse tourist offer on the Polish market – over 100 destinations all over the world: holidays and trips, favourite destinations of Poles for summer holidays, and exotic and original new destinations. The greatest travels to the most distant places in the world, also from local ports. ITAKA’s Friends Clubs invite you to take family vacations. A unique product addressed to persons that prefer active holidays, is called NO LIMITS by ITAKA: it offers exotic adventures, trekking trips, sports camps and holidays, as well as culinary travels and photo shoot trips. ITAKA&GALA present: Celebrity travels are the luxurious holidays of your dreams. ITAKA means 28 years of experience, professionalism, reliability, everlasting enthusiasm and passion to discover new, beautiful places.


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