TOUS is a family business, established in 1920 in Spain. It was founded by Salvador Tous Blavi and Teresa Ponsa, a married couple who transformed a small watchmaker’s shop into a jeweller’s shop. The time when the brand really blossomed was 45 later, when the founder’s son Salvador Tous with his wife Rosa gave breath of fresh air to the family business. Their creativity gave rise to new products, which were very successful due to their uniqueness. The brand soon gained recognition in the world of fashion thanks to its unique style. TOUS has 180 outlets in Spain and almost 500 all over the world, including such world fashion capitals as Paris and New York. Brand lovers often ask where the concept of the teddy bear came from. The author of this concept was Rosa Tous, who saw a teddy bear in a shop window during one of her travels, which inspired her to create jewellery in this shape. Everyone associates teddy bear with pleasant childhood memories. As a TOUS trademark, the teddy bear soon became a global symbol of gentleness and love, evoking positive emotion and bringing the best intentions.


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